Timothy Iafe, M.D.: MSK at UCLA

Derek Lee, M.D.: Breast/Body at USC

Kenny See, M.D.: Neuroradiology at USC

Ryan Murray, M.D.: VIR at University of Texas at Houston / MD Anderson Cancer Center

Morgane Naveau, M.D.: ER at Massachusetts General Hospital

Heetabh Patel, M.D.: VIR at Brigham and Women’s

Brian Quinn, M.D.: VIR at USC

Felipe Urdaneta, M.D.: Thoracic at UCLA

Andrew Yaeger, M.D.: VIR at USC

Class of 2020

Class of 2019


Armen Aivazi, M.D.: Neuroradiology at USC

Jasmine Branchcomb, M.D.: Neuroradiology at USC

Jonas Castaneda, M.D.: Neuroradiology at USC

Sarah Ceglar, M.D.: Neuroradiology at UCLA

Tucker Fischbeck, D.O.: VIR at USC

Luke Kyu-Seek Hahn, M.D.: Neuroradiology at Harbor-UCLA

Shelby Lundahl, M.D.: VIR at USC

Brian Luu, M.D.: Abdominal Imaging / Cross Sectional IR at UCLA

Brian Ng, M.D.: VIR at USC

Amir Talebi Liasi, M.D.: Breast/Body at USC

Class of 2018

Mariet Asadoorian, M.D. : Musculoskeletal at USC

Noah Brauner, M.D. : VIR at USC

Joseph England, M.D. : Neuroradiology at UCLA

JoAnn Lee, M.D. : Women's Imaging at USC

Robert Lynch, M.D. : Breast/Body at USC

Mollie Rashid, M.D. : Breast/Body at USC

Jeffrey Streb, M.D. : VIR at USC

Mark Tran, M.D. : Musculoskeletal at UCI

Seth Urban, M.D. : VIR at USC

Felix Yap, M.D. : Body at USC

Class of 2017

Chase Campbell, M.D. : VIR at USC

Michelle Diamond Hopstone, M.D. : Body at USC

Tijani Hassan, M.D. : Musculoskeletal at USC

Nasim Khadem, M.D. : Breast/Body at USC

Darren Lu, M.D. : Neuroradiology at USC

Tejas Manchandia, M.D. : Women's Imaging at USC

Hussan Mohammed, M.D. : Musculoskeletal at Brigham and Women's Hospital

Navid Moradshahi, M.D. : VIR at USC

Brandon Murti, M.D. : VIR at USC

Shannon Navarro, M.D. : Breast/Body at USC

Evan Raff, M.D. : Abdominal Imaging / Cross Sectional IR at UCLA

Class of 2016

Alok Bhatt, M.D. : VIR at Miami Vascular

Kristina Hoque, M.D. : Neuroradiology at USC

Zaihleen Keller, M.D. : Breast/Body at USC

Steven Kong, M.D. : Musculoskeletal at AIRP

Jerry Loo, M.D. : Pediatrics at UCLA

David Nguyen, M.D. : Body at Stanford

Walter Osias, M.D. : Musculoskeletal at USC

Giovanni Passanante, M.D. : VIR at USC

Ashley Prosper, M.D. : Cardiothoracic at USC

Joseph Thompson, M.D. : VIR at USC

Class of 2015

Karen Alderfer, M.D. : VIR at USC

Chester Bai, M.D. : Breast/Body at USC

Brenna Chalmers, M.D. : Women's Imaging at USC

Neelmini Emmanuel, M.D. : Neuroradiology at USC

Adriana Faulkner, M.D. : Neuroradiology at USC

James Fernandez, M.D. : Neuroradiology at UT Southwestern

Atul Gera, M.D. : VIR at Emory

Hannu Huhdanpaa, M.D. : Neuroradiology at University of Washington

Pareen Mehta, M.D. : Neuroradiology at USC

Stuart Schroff, M.D. : VIR at USC

Ajit Vyas, M.D. : VIR at Mass General